About the Indonesian Professional Engineer Association (PIPI)

The Indonesian Professional Engineer Association (PIPI) is an accomplished industry body founded by renowned leaders in the country’s engineering sector. Since its founding in 1994, PIPI has been active in providing National and International Exhibition & Conference, gathering with many foreign ambassadors, government and industries in many sectors. Training in Indonesia, South East Asia and Middle East.

Over the years, the Association has organized several successful summits dedicated for professionals in the oil and gas sector as well as LNG specializations in the marine, oil refinery and other industries. As host of the OGL Exhibition and Conference, PIPI partners PT Pelita Promo Internusa to gather Indonesia’s strong network of industry players and international investors to showcase their technological contributions to further strengthen the country’s oil & gas and LNG production capacity.

PIPI Non Profit Organization :

  • PIPI member more than 15 Thousands Experts & Skill, we have also 5 Thousands non technical person in many sector
  • Certified member more than 13 Thousand for International workers
  • PIPI has 25 International conference presentations to present in South East Asia & Middle East
  • Pipi has more than 100 training programs and were doing since 1996 until now
  • PIPI has cooperate with Nasional & International organization / institution
  • PIPI were doing International Conference since 1996 to 2015
  • PIPI represent all Technical Association at coordinating Minister of Economic Affair for MEA since end 2014 until 2019
  • PIPI involve in many Nasional & International event in Indonesia & abroad
Mechanical Main Equipments, Piping, Instrument & Control Engineering and Plant Design Workshop

Materi- Materi

  • General Engineering & Pipi Technology
  • Code, Standard and Standard Practices
  • Pipes, Pipe Fittings, and Special Items
  • Pipe Diameters, Thickness and Schedule
  • Valves and Flangers
  • Hot Tap, Steam Tracing, Pipe Supports
  • Instrument and Control
  • Main Equipment : pressure Vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Columns, and Compressors
  • Flow Process, P & ID, Plot Plan, Piping Plan, Piping & Equipment Plan, Cross Section, Isometric, Spool Drawings, & MTO
  • Onshore & Offshore Pipelines
  • Piping Maintenance, Repair and Inspection
  • Process Calculation by Crane Method
  • Pipe Flexibility and Stress Analysis (Short Method)

Peserta Diperuntukan

  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Supervisor
  • Inspectors and other related to Piping & Pipelines Work, Main Equipments & Instruments

Hasil yang Diharapkan

  • Familiar dengan Piping Engineering & Plant Design
  • Familiar dengan Onshore & Offshore Pipelines Engineering & Technology
  • Familiar dengan Pressure, Vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Pumps & Compressors
  • Familiar dengan Instrument and Control
  • Familiar dengan Pipe Flexibility

Metodologi Workshop

  • Pemaparan melalui infocus & white board
  • Tanya jawab interaktif
  • Latihan perencanaan sistem perpipaan terhadap peralatan utama kilang & instrumentasi
  • Latihan berbagai perencanaan, penggambaran pipa, pipelines, peralatan utama kilang & instrumentasi
EPC. Project Management (3 Days)

Paket Workshop Project Management dengan Standard Praktis Internasional selama 3 hari adalah sebagai berikut :

Materi - Materi
  • Introduction
  • Project Management in General
  • Decription of Project
  • The Role of Project Manager
  • Project Meeting (Various Meeting)
  • Project Report (Various Report)
  • Pre Engineering and Engineering
  • Project Organization
  • Project Schedule
  • QA / QC
  • Project Administration
  • Project Procurement
  • Project Construction
Peserta Diperuntukan
  • Mereka yang Menangani Project Baik Langsung Maupun Tak Langsung
  • Bagian Project Administrasi
  • Bagian Project Procurement
Hasil Yang Diharapkan
  • Dapat Mengerti Dalam Menangani Berbagai Macam Project
  • Dapat Mengerti Dalam Berbagai Macam Permasalahan Project
  • Dapat Mengeri Dalam Menangani Project Procurement
  • Dapat Mengerti Dalam Menangani Project Construction
  • Dapat Mengetahui Bahasa dan Terminologi Project Managemen Internasional
  • Dapat Berkomunikasi Baik Internal atau External
  • Dapat Mengerti Berbagai Meeting Project
Metodologi Workshop
  • Pemaparan Melalui Infocus & White Board
  • Tanya Jawab Secara Interaktif
  • Latihan Membuat Berbagai Macam Laporan Proyek Baik Perorangan atau Kelompok
  • Latihan-latihan Berbagai Aktifitas Project Management
International Management Report

Content Are

  • How to start writing a report
  • Prepare report following the timeline
  • Measuring clean writing / report
  • How to organize the report
  • Report writing techniques
  • Preparing a timeline report Daily Report, Weekly Report, Forenightly Report, Monthly Report, Quarterly Report & Annual Report
  • Preparing functional report or activity report Technical work report, traveling report, expense report, finance report & management report
  • Writing memos to your supervisor / manager
  • Writing memos to the same level for information and coordination
  • Writing memos to your subordinate
  • Know the terminology using in international standard report
  • Preparing a monthly progress report
  • Preparing a project / activity execution plan
Persatuan Insinyur Profesional Indonesia
Indonesian Professional Engineer Association
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